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iVows Royal Wedding on iTunes

This has been lacking in the world still, the soundtrack around the Eheverprechen of Prince William and Kate Middleton may purchase one online. Already, the app 'The Royal Wedding' is available for 0.79 € in the App Store. The British are only amused "when the profit to the wedding couple, but charities do not benefit. You can download this special album on iTunes store with iTunes gift card codes.

Royal Wedding Album on iPhone

In the classical record label Decca expected to lead to the publication within six days after the ceremony enormous sales. The oath in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury, accompanied by the London Chamber Orchestra, wants to bring out on CD, vinyl and cassette. On iTunes the album is now on the wedding day, 29 April appear and the "Foundation of Prince William and Prince Harry to come £ 1 per album sold benefit.

Royal Wedding Album on iTunes

The proposal of a 3D film has rejected the royal palace.

Unconfirmed rumored that at the wedding even sing Elton John and Paul McCartney.

Well - as once said Annemarie Wendl aka Else Kling from the "Linde Street": "If it makes schee".