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iTunes competitors Spotify now able to do iPod Sync

Spotify is a frontal attack on iTunes about: In addition to a download store, the service now also sync to the iPod. The collection of songs of each iPod can be managed with the new "Devices" tool and pulled into the Spotify player says "Music Week". iTunes makes it unnecessary for Spotify users.

Integrated into the service now is also the new Spotify-download store. This regular MP3s and special offers are to have: ten tracks for 7,99, 15 tracks for 9.99, 40 tracks for 25 or 100 tracks for 50 British pounds. Users can then purchase songs particularly customer-friendly with just one click.

Prior to the download function in Spotify ran for 7digital, now has opened his own store but Spotify. Like "Music Week" reports that the streaming service is closed for contracts with labels and label aggregators.

In addition, the smartphone app is now available to all users, not only to the subscribers, are available - can now order all Spotify users purchase mp3 and download them to their wireless phone. Spotify try it, establishing itself as a universal music player.

"From today, Spotify is really the only music player that they used," said Daniel Ek, founder and CEO of Spotify. "Our customers do not want to switch from player to player, but suffered their playlists easily and at an affordable price anywhere, any kind of device. Now we have the permits for one of the world's most popular devices."

Spotify has now declare themselves to be over a million subscribers in seven European countries - or 15 percent of its active users. In Germany, the streaming service is still not available. In the United States is a launch for some time on the plan.