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iTunes Store: Beatles ensure significant growth of legal music downloads

Than the albums of the Beatles in November 2010 after years of waiting finally in the iTunes Store and other download portals managed, Apple saved in the run with no drama: The 16th November will be a days, "which you will never forget" . Obviously, many Beatles fans had actually only been waiting very, the music online can finally buy: in the USA year, the number of digital music downloads in the last half felt in the air.

In the period up to 8 May, the Nielsen Company "dramatic" increase in digital music and song downloads in the U.S. for the year 2011 set a. Compared to the same period were paid music downloads to 16.8, the downloads of individual songs by 9.6 percent in the air. This allowed the market for all music sales - - compared to the previous year by 1.6 percent growth formwork panels for download and on CD and both. The complete catalog sales rose by 5.4 percent - after declining sales in this category, the number increased since the Beatles start the iTunes Store again how the graphics of the Nielsen Company shows.