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iPad 3 Apple reportedly already certified components

Although the Apple iPad two just few weeks on the market is, so Apple should be working already, iPad 3 search and certify suppliers for components. This is the LED backlight of Radiant Opto-Electronics as have been already certified. In addition to Radiant Opto-Electronics to other suppliers have allegedly already received their certification.

But Apple will continue to look to other manufacturers for LED lighting, which are not yet known. Furthermore, in the report of the service sector "Digitimes also revealed that the iPad will probably not come with a 3 AMOLED Display by Samsung to the market. Recently, there have been rumors here and there which suggest that this was planned. These are still considered the best displays in the mobile segment and have the Apple iPad 3 once may improve greatly, but as it stands, Apple is set at the third generation iPad on an LCD. The display will again be 9.7 inches in size.

In addition, Samsung is likely, however, be competent to make the processors for the iPad 3, after having been for the Apple iPad 2 and probably the Apple iPhone Apple five corresponding A5 processors has made or will make. The launch of the Apple iPad will be 3 in early 2012, perhaps the latest Apple Tablet is in the spring on the market.