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Trojans Lizamoon spreading rapidly

In one of the largest "mass injection attacks" would have allowed the pest along with a few offshoots managed to settle down to an incredible number of sites, Websense reported.

Yesterday provided the security vendor an update on the two days before discovery spread of a new digital baddies , which SQL injection on servers per nests. To spread from there a Trojan.

In the set of URLs on the sites the millions of votes, however, the many infected individual pages on the not so many sites adds up to Google, search it at 1.5 million.

The threat is no joke, but very real: In the past 24 hours had (named after the first site from which the malware has been loaded) »Lizamoon" massively in this scale rarely seen before Cyber ​​attack nested SQL injection on many servers .

Were affected, according to Websense, especially machines that use different versions of Microsoft SQL Server used - not because of weaknesses of SQL Server, but weaknesses in the content management systems on these servers are the websites to capture so easily.

On the so-reaching Web sites Javacript was left, which has no good sense: The Trojan, which can catch visitors of this infected web sites, direct the web surfers to a fake anti-virus page, given by Windows "Stability Center," Microsoft's offer.

fake Microsoft stability center

The downloaded program will by many anti-virus programs already recognized as a pest, WebSense wrote yesterday, more than half of the AV programs are but apparently not ready to recognize the threat.

Those who have already downloaded the Trojans, all sorts of messages allegedly found problems gets on the PC. To eliminate this you must only download the full version - a classic method of cyber criminals.