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Red iPhone 4 with 470 diamonds around

While many people are still waiting for a white iPhone 4, one businesswoman in Vietnam has ordered her black iPhone 4 to be handmade to a Red iPhone 4 with 470 diamonds around. As the owner claimed, the hand-made iPhone 4 red skin has good quality as the original iPhone 4. I am wondering about the iPhone 4 antenna death grip? Probably it is fixed since now you touch diamonds :-)

red iphone 4 with diamonds around

Here is a view of the backside.

backside of red iPhone 4

It took more than 100 hours for expert from Golden Age company to attach these 470 Swarovski diamonds, imported from Austria, to the iPhone.

diamonds around iPhone

diamonds around iPhone

Just like many other countries, Vietnam Apple Store is kind of lame. Most people has to create a US iTunes account and buy iTunes code by Paypal to download apps to their iPhone.