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Published Private Key for Airport Express Emulation

James Laird has Apple's Airport Express dismantled, the ROM is read and then the private key for the Remote Audio Output Protocol (ROAP) found. It is thus possible in principle, iTunes can stream to other devices too.

Airport Express jailbreak can stream iTunes music to non iOS devices

The developer James Laird has found a way, other devices to stream to iTunes and leave, no airplay have the license, as Macrumors reported . And he has extracted from the ROM to the private key. With this key it should be possible that other devices via Airplay receive content. These may be called iTunes installations or videos from an iPad. Since there are a official way, to license Airplay - Denon offers such as Airplay-enabled A / V receiver to a - this is, first and foremost for alternative software and hardware offerings in interest.

There already exists a demo program called Shairport, has developed the Laird. In addition, the private key from him was already distributed to mailing lists. In the Videolan mailing list of the key is, however, viewed with skepticism. The VLC player but could be converted to a reception by ROAP, VLC Rémi Denis-developers Courmont express concerns because the player is not suitable for the reception of push protocols. It would be a problem for the usability of the player. It can also hinted concerns.