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Job advertisement Apple seeks cloud developers for Mobile Me Digital Locker

"Explore the vastness of what is possible with the team that builds the future of cloud services at Apple" - was charged then the pathetic description of a vacant post at Apple, published on 11 April. Meanwhile, the text has changed somewhat, but it is clearly a cloud services like MobileMe, and possibly an enhanced iTunes.

In a small group of the candidate is appropriate with other teams at some of the most exciting programs and services work, Cupertino has to offer. After Apple Insider discovered the job advertisement, the description seems to be amended since. But the key message remains: We are looking for a programmer who is familiar with cloud services. According to various reports , an updated MobileMe in April pointed to, could the next update a location for music, videos and photos come with the user.

To make the service more attractive, this data storage will be offered free of charge. How familiar with the matter sources to the Wall Street Journal reported, apparently even after you think about it, completely free to make MobileMe. Then Amazon would have a hard time - the shopping giant recently launched its own concept called Amazon Cloud Drive , customers 5GB free web store offers.

Apple's data center in North Carolina is waiting eagerly for a commitment that it really calls to its limits. Millions of customers to synchronize their iTunes libraries with the cloud would probably be made this requirement.