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How to send FREE international text messages SMS on your iPhone

This article introduces a simple way to send FREE international text messages SMS from your iPhone. Google Voice used to allow this feature in the past but now it is long gone.

The first thing is you need to download the cool app HeyWire. And yes it is free too. It is available for PC, Mac, iPhone and also Android phones (The download links is listed below).

HeyWire is a social networking tool that lets you stay in touch with your buddies and also through text messaging, Chatting, tweeting, IMs and Facebook messages. The coolest thing is that it helps to send international text messages for FREE, currently support 146 countries.

Here is the list of countries and carriers supported by Heywire,

Note: Your local charge for the text message is still applied but you will not get charged for international message.

Download HeyWire for iPhone

HeyWire for PC and Mac

HeyWire for Android

Below is a detail review video of HeyWire made by tryvoip