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How to convert video for iPod iPhone format on Windows

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This instruction shows you how to do convert video to iPhone format on Windows (MPEG 4 at 320x240) using the free tool Videora iPod converter (download here). If you want to buy movies on US iTunes store directly, use our US iTunes code email delivery.

Step 0: If this is the first time you use Videora iPod converter, it will display a screen to ask you to select your device. This step is necessary so that the program can choose the default video setting which is best for your device. Video setting has an impact on how big and quality of the file after converted.

Now let's roll. click on Video File (under Convert)on the left menu. You will see two modes, Normal and Advanced. Click on Normal mode to continue. Normal mode will guide you step by step with a very intuitive instruction

Step 1: Select your input video FILE on your hard disk.

Select file - Convert video dvd to ipod iphone ipad format

Step 2: Select where you want to put the output video file after we convert the video to iPod format then click Next

Select output file - video ipod converter

Step 3: Change the video title if you want. Since you want to view the video on your iPod, iPhone or iPad, choose a short title will be better.

Change title of video display in iPod iPhone iPad

Step 4: Now you should see a default video setting. It should be good for your device. Videora iPod converter should also show an estimation on how big the output file is and how long it will take to convert the video

Default video setting Videora iPod Converter

Step 5: Click on start converting. If you want to view the video converting progress, click on view converting progress.

View video converting progress

Final step: When finished, the video will be automatically imported to iTunes. Now you can sync your iPod, iPhone, iPad with iTunes to copy the file over or you can simply drag the file from the output folder you selected directly to your device

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