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Google Cloud confronts Apple to iTunes

Google upgraded its Android Marketplace for movies and music on hard and becomes Apple's iTunes Store and Amazon against. About the new music service "Music Beta by Google Android, users can with their smart phones, tablets and laptops to 20,000 songs in the "cloud" web store up and download from anywhere. Cancel the Google product manager Hugo Barra on the developer's conference I / O in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Apps addition, books and music are on the Google services and future streaming movies available via. Films are in the USA from $ 1.99 to be available for customers, announced Barra. The Oscar-winning movie "The King's Speech", for example U.S. dollars loan to be 3.99. The movie service for Android corresponds to the offer for YouTube, which Google previously had announced for U.S. customers shortly.

The service "Music Beta by Google" is in the starting phase for the time being can only be used for selected users in the U.S.. After uploading to the cloud, the user should be able to access its music library from anywhere. "No wires, no hassle Synchronize, everything is always immediately available," Google promised.

The appearance is similar to the distinctive music libraries from Apple's iTunes. The devices from Apple, however, require a cable connection. The Google service to the created playlists on your PC wirelessly to appear on the smartphone. For the management of the songs and the comparison with the Internet "cloud" is the "Music Manager" for both Windows and Mac OSX. Google for "Music Beta" no license agreements made with the music industry, although some labels for streaming use insist on special contracts.

"The service is completely legal because it is music is that the user already belongs," said Jamie Rosenberg, who is responsible for Google's digital content for the Android platform. Google celebrated on the I / O's success with mobile operating system Android. Meanwhile the world had a hundred million Android phones from 36 device manufacturers in operation.

"We activate over 400 000 daily Android devices," said Barra. After the success in the smartphone market, Google has its new, custom fitted to Tablets Android operating system "Honeycomb 3.1" with advanced features to support USB and camera port and a keyboard and game controller.

A new version of Android "Ice Cream Sandwich" is to merge the different versions of Android. Google has responded to complaints from the developer community, who live so far with a rugged landscape with many different Android system versions.

Google also plans to work more closely with device manufacturers and wireless providers, so that recent versions of Android devices come quickly to the consumer.