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FAQ Shopping in Apple's App Store on iTunes

Can I return an app?

I bought a program in the AppStore, the Crashing, the functions are missing - in short, that does not work as advertised. Can I return it?

According to business conditions, a return is actually excluded, but the App Store team is occasionally seen fair and writes for the amount. If it is a program for OS X, complete the online form is enough to Apple's support pages to request a refund. The form can be found on the c't-link at the end of the article.

In iOS App Store the road is longer. Click in the top right of your iTunes account name. After entering the password to access a summary page, on which there is a button to display the purchase history. Clicking on it will list all previously purchased with this account on title, songs, movies and apps. Each entry in the list there is a detailed view, accessible via the arrow button on the left. On the detail page finally hides "Report a Problem" is a button with the label. If you click it, each track has its own link with the same label. Only by clicking on it to get to the contact form, which allows you to request the return of the App. From a drop-down list, choose the reasons for the complaint and describes in free text field, as it came to a bad buy and that you wish to return App.

The purchase price refund is completely at the expense of the developer, the plan pays for each return: the profit share of 30 percent of Apple reserves anyway.

Backup my Apps

Apps from the App Stores many times can I download for free, but what happens when an app will disappear from the App Store? How can I create a backup of my Apps?

Programs from the App Store do not require installer and bring everything they need for their work. To secure it on a USB flash drive or a DVD, copy them only with the finder on the corresponding medium. In this way OS X apps easily end up on other personal computers. When you open a restored app on the Mac for the first time, you have to enter once also the Apple ID and password of the buyer.

iOS apps are available in the "Mobile Applications" in the location of the iTunes library. The easiest way to find them by clicking in iTunes, right-click an app and then "Show in Finder" from the context menu selected. These apps can be copied easily to other media and restore it if necessary from there. Will they copy it to another computer, but must be released for the App Store account of the buyer, just like pieces of music, too. Pro Account must be activated five computers that can use these media. For a connection to the Internet is required.

Demo versions of the App Store

Is there a way to try out an app for free before buying?

There is no general way to download such a time-limited demo version of it. However, many manufacturers offer a second version of its IOS App. These so-called lite versions usually have a reduced functionality or contain advertising, but are free. To find them, can be best to list all the apps of the manufacturer by iTunes in the top left click on the app icon on the developer name.

For Mac programs, many manufacturers still offer demo versions available for download on its website. The link is there stated on App Store page for the program. In some cases it happens that after installing the demo version of the Mac App Store is also the full version reported as installed. Then a purchase the full version as long as possible, not until you have deleted the trial version.

Prevent in-app Purchases

Can I somehow prevent my children buy over-priced item in one app, such as the infamous Smurf Berry wheelbarrow?

In the Settings app on the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad you found under General / Restrictions many options to make the device more suitable for children. Among other things, you can then ban in-app or turn off the AppStore purchases altogether. The latter is done - a bit misleading - by banning the app installation. Can you activate the in-app purchasing, the unit requires only the first transaction for the password. Other purchases that are completed within a period of 15 minutes, come from without their input. Nothing has changed, contrary to many assertions, including the update to 4.3 can not iOS. Apple has only made sure that the 15-minute time limit is not new with every purchase begins. But in fifteen minutes you can spend a lot of money.

iTunes account for children

Can I create for my children their own App Store account, which they can even download applications? Can I restrict so that they get for their age appropriate media?

Persons aged 13 or over can in Apple's online store will receive a separate account. Regardless of age, which you enter when creating the account, but each buyer is only once every title available. Under both iOS and under OS X need to set up the restrictions on age-appropriate content by hand.

On the iPod touch and iPhone, click the appropriate button for this in the preferences under the heading General / restrictions on the block "Permissible content. In OS X you have to put user account and parental controls can be set there, then in the Section "Apps" appropriate restrictions. A detailed article about child safety on the Mac, visit the website of Mac.

Despite all the precautions you should always have an eye on the doings of the youngest, because Apple likes to run once an error in the classification of the content on the App Store. This can be inconsistencies in the approval of some Apps suspect in the past. Relying only on the iTunes-review process is sufficient, that is not enough.

Pre-paid account at iTunes

Can I limit the cost for the account of my children somehow? Is there perhaps something similar to a prepaid card for the phone?

Also be free to spend the money, the children, you can limit. Instead of specifying a bank account or a credit card for payment, you can charge an account by redeeming iTunes gift cards with money. If the amount credited for it up, can be loaded as long as only free apps until you redeem a new voucher.

To create iTunes account without a bank account , log into the iTunes first, then click on the home page of the iTunes Store the top right of the button "Redeem" and then type the code of a gift card. Place in the window that appears, then the data existing user account, enter one, click Create one "on account and are in the suspension of payments as a credit card" None ". This option appears only if this path creates a new account on