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Apple orders 12 petabytes for iTunes

Now that it is known that the newly-built data center for MobileMe is meant to be extra, comes an interesting message that a similar line is taken in: Apple orders 12 PB storage for iTunes - video content.

Currently it is not clear what this amount of memory is needed - to the debate, on one hand normal download video from iTunes (or buy or rent films) and also the streaming function that iOS expected 5th After all, is known who was happy with the job, it is Isilon Systems.

A "well-informed" source said that the additional 12 PB - which incidentally corresponds to over 12,000 TB - are required to complete the download of video content for customers to get up on iTunes.

It would be possible but also that the rumors of the past vote, and space for cloud services needed is that the Digital Locker in the user their music or movies can upload for example, to place on the way as needed on the iPhone to . stream Strings in iOS 4.3 betas have pointed to such functionality.