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Apple iPhone Unlock via IMEI Database

As the well-known iPhone hacker and Twitter users MuscleNerd noted, it seems that operators of the websites or their backers have direct access to Apple's data have to. Customers are asked to send in IMEI and notification of successful unlock their device with iTunes to synchronize to. Then the unlock is done.

The only way to accomplish this from far, and with iTunes, be on the access to the IMEI database in Cupertino. That the providers are all moving in a similar price range, suggests that they have agreed to or are dependent on a central "suppliers".

The problem is that at least one catch. The vendors like to advertise with phrases like "your smartphone will always be unlocked for !!!!!" [sic]. Apple should get behind the concept but the unlock hackers, which is inevitable within the next few days hardly, it will be easy to make all illegal entries to reverse. However jailbreaking your own iPhone is legal.

Then, the customers were sitting on their costs and would again, the locked iPhone. It means: Unlock your eyes open when purchasing.