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iTunes International

iTunes international

International iTunes customers usually ask the question, "Why the content in our local international iTunes store is so limited?" It lacks of new movies, music and even applications for iPhone or iPad.

Some people say that due to the complicated law on digital content, producers and owners don't want to deal with international publishing their content on international iTunes store?

So how about the end users in international countries? They usually have to pay a higher prices for their Apple gadgets. They should have access to any digital content, especially when they are willing to pay for it. That is our vision at BuyFromPowerSeller.

Firstly you will need to create an US iTunes account. You will not need a US credit card but you will need a US iTunes code.

They important thing is that you have to make sure you choose a FREE app in your cart when creating the account since this will by pass the step that US iTunes store asking for a US credit card.

Within few minutes, you will receive an email confirmation from US iTunes store. Congratulation, my dear international friend. You now have a US iTunes account that allows you to buy and download newest movies, music, apps and everything else on US iTunes store.

Now if you are wondering what is actually missing in other international iTunes store, let's do a quick tour

In general TV shows are only available on US, UK and Canada iTunes store. So if you are a fan of TV shows like American Idol, Britain Got Talent and many others, you definitely need access to US iTunes store. Movies are another big miss in international iTunes store beside TV shows. While US customers can access to newest movies and TV shows the same day they are released or on air, UK customers get some local programs and German & other countries get almost nothing.

In the other hand, there are some unique content that are only available on some international iTunes store. For example, the album Galore of Dragonette is only available on UK Store.

So if you are are able to access US iTunes store, spread the words and recommend it to your friends.