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How to use iPad 2 as a comic reader

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So you are wondering if you can use your iPad to read your favorite comic books such as Marvel Civil War, Red Son or many more. iPad is definitely an expensive comic reader :) but it's good to know that it can do the job very well with the assistance from multiple apps including free and paid ones. Most apps can read the CBZ or CBR files very well.

Our top choice for iPad app comic book reader is Comic Zeal. It's a paid app but very easy to use and load all comic books or files I try so far. It also offers drag and drop .cbr and .cbz files to easily organize your comic book collection.

If you want to try out some free comic reader apps to check if they are good enough for you, here are the recommended list

I am now thinking to sell my comic book collection and only buy digital comic books on iTunes store using iTunes gift cards. I may missing the smell of the new comic book but in the long run, I think I will save more money buying digital copies. And the fact that I can bring my comic book collection everywhere is very promising.