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How soon iPad 1 becomes obsolete when iPad 3 releases

With the news that iPad 3 will come this March 2012, owners of the first generation iPad 1 are self questioning how soon iPad 1 becomes obsolete since future iOS updates and newer apps probably will not support iPad 1 any more. Sure it will not happen overnight but going forward, the iPad 1 like the iPhone 3G, 3GS will be lagged behind iOS updates.

So if my iPad 1 is obsolete, what can I do with it? With million available apps in the iTunes store, many will still work on your iPad 1. However the hottest, most useful apps may not or will run very slow. But to some first owners of the iPad 1, it's already obsolete. iPad 1 lacks of a camera and can not do Facetime like other iPads :). That's the beauty or the worst of tablets. The obsolescence. Comparing to laptops tablets will have much less shelf life due to the fast upgrade and advance of the technology, both software and hardware.

So it is pretty much up to your usage to determine if your iPad 1 is actually obsolete or not. To me it will mainly serve as a multimedia device (aka cartoons and kid songs) for my daughter when I decide to upgrade to an iPad 3.