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How do I set up under iOS iTunes 4.3, the private home sharing

The iTunes Home Sharing is a handy new feature of IOS 4.3. So that you can on the local network can easily stream media content from your Mac to your IOS device. The one-time setup is also easily done. It is important, first, that you installed on your device iOS iOS 4.3 or a newer version of the firmware have. It also means that only owners of iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, one of the two iPads or to iPod Touch users from the third or fourth generation of the iTunes Home Sharing - older iPhone and iPod touch models are not supported by IOS 4.3. The Mac should be equipped with at least version 10.2.1 of iTunes, so that the iOS 4.3 features are available.

In iTunes, you can now find in the menu bar, select Home Sharing "at the top of the screen under" Advanced "menu item. There simply enter the required login information, your Apple ID, and iTunes is set up for streaming on IOS devices. On your iPhone or iPod touch with iPad iOS 4.3 or later you open the "Settings" and look for the iPod app. In the submenu, you find the heading "Home Sharing", which you must again enter your login information.

That was about it. In the iPod app, they may, "more" now find the new menu item "Approved". Here you can now access the media content from your Mac to access previously established - and just as if they were stored on your IOS device. As the streaming is done via a wireless Wi-Fi connection, both devices must be connected, however, according to the same local network to the private sharing works.