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Unwanted Downloads: Apple Music and iTunes Match clog iOS devices


A malfunction of the iCloud music library leads to unwanted downloading large amount of music on iPhone and iPad, as users report. This can also consume mobile data volume.

Apple Music and iTunes Match clog with the automatic download of music currently iPhones and iPads. This report users, among other things in Apple's support forum. Often only makes an iOS warning dialog attention to the problem, which suggests that local storage is almost full. On closer inspection, it turned out that the iCloud music library or iTunes Match suddenly took off by hand several 10,000 music files on the device and it will need many gigabytes of disk space.

Higher Song limit may be the cause

The problem is possibly on iOS 9.2 and the repeal of the 25,000 song-Limits for Apple Music and iTunes Match back. Meanwhile, it is, in fact, possible to store up to 100,000 songs in iCloud. The Auto-Download apparently then usually occurs when users of a Mac or Windows PC to upload more tracks to iCloud - these are suddenly automatically from iOS devices. Initial reports of the unwanted downloads have been available since mid-December.

The separate download also occurs when in the iOS Settings for iTunes & App Stores, the "Automatic Downloads" are disabled for music - this setting should anyway but only apply to purchased from the iTunes Store music.

Download sometimes in Mobile Network

Individual users report that the auto-downloading of music not only happened in the WLAN but is continued in the mobile data network - even if "music" of resorting to mobile data for "Streaming & Downloads" was prohibited. This consumes sometimes several gigabytes of data volume and should usually lead to premature throttling. In certain tariffs, there is a paid subsequent posting of data packets.

Possible solution

Apple's phone support does not seem so far notified of the problem, there is a declaration to some users, this behavior is normal. An immediate solution does not seem to exist. In several cases described the tremendous download must be stopped several times because iOS downloading each continues independently again. It might help, the complete music library in the iOS Settings under General, storage & iCloud use, storage manager from the device to delete - but then no songs are more locally before. This should also be carried out only after a backup of your iOS device if the music is not backed up elsewhere.

Until Apple fixes the problem, help may only no new music more for iCloud music library or iTunes Match. Apple Music users can also disable the iCloud music library on their iOS devices, but an off-line reference of the song is no longer possible.

Both iTunes Match and iCloud music library from Apple Music same local library with the stock of the iTunes stores or of the Apple music catalog from Only the pieces that are not represented in Apple's catalog are then uploaded to iCloud so to stand on all my devices. The download on iOS devices must one have usually manually.