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Along with iTunes, Apple has developed its own Remote app, helps users to switch song, increase or decrease the volume right from your iOS device. However, the limitations of this application is the users must to enable iTunes shared library and can only change the volume of iTunes, not the volume of the computer. Recently, developers named Radovan Paulech have launched TodayRemote application compatibility with many other entertainment software on a Mac.

Despite support for the "control" Mac, TodayRemote compatible with many software on this platform, this application not only compatible with itunes but also comatible with VOX, VLC, Rdio and Spotify. More particularly, this application can only be used via the Notification Center widget. This widget icons have a simple button: next/back, increase/decrease volume and select the application to the remote control.

More specifically, if the extra $1.99, users can purchase the PRO version of the full TodayRemote with features such as changing the system volume (the free version only allows to control volume of music application ), control multiple Macs at the same time.

TodayRemote offered for free on the App Store, download it here:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/todayremote-contro...

For Mac, simply download utility support here:  http://todayremote.com/

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