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3 interesting things about Pokémon Go


If you ask me about the top notch mobile game after Angry Bird, I will tell you: it is Pokemon go. The one of first interesting AR (Augmented Reality) game. The game will revive the Nintendo Co., Ltd, get us come back to the 2000s, when Pokemon is the best game you want to play in your handheld game console. Why it named "Go"? It is, take your phone and go, you can't play this game on your sofa, get up and go now.

Below is 3 interesting things you can find in this game:

1. Worries about spend time to do exercise and not have much free time to play game? In Pokemon go, you can do twice work in one activity. That's good, isn't it?

2. You can found the Pokemon anywhere. I just found one in my bathroom. Of course, they also enjoy hitting the club. Party time!

3. There are some really interesting Poké Stops and gyms in some location: Churches, Malls, and sometimes is the resident house. If you are the lucky man, you house will be one of it.

If you want to play the Pokemon Go, come to us in buyfrompowerseller.com, and get to you a US iTunes account with some iTunes gift card. Take the phone and go to find your own Poké now.

Mystery of the Ancients: Curse of the Black Water HD - A Hidden Object Adventure (Full)

Deep sea, which holds many mysteries, as well as where to arouse the curiosity of most people. Are you ready to adventure deep into the ancient castle, in the mysterious temple is the place to contain the huge treasure yet? Be careful because there are still curses and threatens unpredictable. Download Mystery of the Ancients: Curse [...]

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The application for iOS users today is a game called Nihilumbra. The content of this game is quite familiar: you will venture into many different areas, and every where you go there will always be dangerous traps, which are stalking you. By using different colors, you will get different tools to overcome these challenges. Be [...]

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Along with iTunes, Apple has developed its own Remote app, helps users to switch song, increase or decrease the volume right from your iOS device. However, the limitations of this application is the users must to enable iTunes shared library and can only change the volume of iTunes, not the volume of the computer. Recently, [...]

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Galaxia Chronicles

Begin an exciting weekend with Galaxia Chronicles games. In the game, a kid named Noddy, who is a long journey to go through the different planets. In each place he arrived, the environment and landscape change, which is accompanied by a lot of different challenges always blocked his path. You will prove to be a [...]

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Zero Age

Let's start the new day with a Zero Age - an exciting and interesting puzzle game. In the game, you will just be the design, the construction of stairs from the blocks, from which to build our main characters pass each rung in the journey towards the top of the tower. There will be a [...]

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Time Surfer

It was long times before we experience a game about space and the planets. So today, let's do a little new with Time Surfer. Like other adventure games, you will have to control your character constantly running to score points and win. Along the way there will be a lot of port of space and [...]

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​Apple will start Lucky Bag shopping program in Japan on 02/01/2015

Apple has confirmed "Lucky Bag" procurement program will continue to be implemented in 2015, and will start at the Apple Store in Japan on 02/01/2015. If you do not already know, the Lucky Bag means you are buying one bag of mystery, its contents do not know what will be, but it certainly is [...]

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​Top 5 useful applications for iOS

Manual - take full control camera settings Manual allows users to access deep into the settings of the camera on the iPhone to edit the specific parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, brightness offset and focus point. Price: $ 1.99 Jasmine, better than YouTube Jasmine is considered a thumbnail to run the video on YouTube, but it [...]

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​Opera Coast 4.0 for iOS: improved share, Opera Turbo, Handoff between Mac and iDevice

Opera recently updated their browser Coast on iOS to version 4.0 with many improvements, which have been the most convenient ability to share a browsing website on many services like Facebook, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, LINE, WhatsApp. In addition, Opera Turbo feature is now enabled by default to help you download web faster with lower [...]

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