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Greater loss in Apple Music and iTunes Store


Users report both the music streaming service as well as Apple's music store of various problems, including registration errors and crashes the Music app on iPhone and iPad.

Loss in Apple Music and iTunes Store: Since the early Thursday afternoon, both the music streaming service and music store various problems such as users report. The integrated into iOS music app shows thereby partially suddenly the login dialog for paid members, the re-Log then fails.

In other cases, it crashes the app when accessing radio stations such as Beats 1. Accessing server-stored music is not possible sometimes.

The iTunes Store is not impossible to achieve, in some cases, purchases may fail. According to Apple, there was a failure to 15:30 clock "all-Store Services" who had "some users" affected, details calls not the company. According to the System Status page, the problem should be fixed now again. Report user but still have difficulty accessing the iTunes Store and the anküpfenden because services such as "iTunes in the Cloud".

iTunes Connect: Apple Developer warns against erroneous data

Sales and trend report a given period in late October may contain incorrect values. Apple recommends developers to download them again.In an email to its developers Apple has noted that its sales and trend reports for app sales may be defective within the administrative tool iTunes Connect. Affected are daily and weekly reports from the period [...]

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Google launches Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

Users need to log into Google account and install a security code to be able to use Chrome Remote Desktop. Recently, Google has launched Chrome Remote Desktop app on the iOS platform to help users can use the Chrome browser to control a remote computer. To control a remote computer on iOS, you need to install [...]

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The most popular iOS paid apps in 2014

To be at the top of the paid app list is Heads Up! This is a game in which you have to keep the phone on your head for any one people on your group who can give you the suggest to guess the celebrities, TV series, TV shows, characters or animals what is being [...]

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​Top 5 useful applications for iOS

Manual - take full control camera settings Manual allows users to access deep into the settings of the camera on the iPhone to edit the specific parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, white balance, brightness offset and focus point. Price: $ 1.99 Jasmine, better than YouTube Jasmine is considered a thumbnail to run the video on YouTube, but it [...]

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​Top 4 best email app on the iPhone

1. Gmail (free) This is the most popular applications that use on iOS. This application provides all the features and supports multiple accounts with the same login. 2. Inbox (free for those who were invited) Beside Gmail, we can use the Inbox. This application provided by Google and have everything you need as a web version. However Inbox [...]

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The Microsoft MSN apps was available in iOS

Today, Microsoft released various exclusive applocations only had in Windows Phone before for iOS. The apps are MSN News, Food & Drink, Health & Fitness, Sports and Weather. Microsoft also achieves economies of the tool HealthKit by integrated with Health & Fitness applications. It allow the iOS users to track steps an physical activity. The Microsoft's [...]

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Travel by photo

Except the DSLR, Kevin Russ - a lanscape photography always keep an Apple's smartphone. The photos taken with his iPhone 6 is usually edited by the VSCO Cam applycation on the phone.     VSCO Cam is very convenient. With it, you can take a best picture anytime, anywhere and very simple. You can get it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vsco-cam/id588013838?mt=8 And don't forget [...]

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Fleksy - the fastest keyboard in the world

Marcel Fernandes Filho, a seventeen years old boy come from Brazil setted the world record for the category "fastest time to type a text message on a touch screen device". The fastest time to type a text message using a touch-screen mobile phone is 17 seconds by an iPhone 6 Plus and was achieved by Marcel [...]

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