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"Music Stories" Facebook plays clips from Spotify and iTunes in the newsfeed


Facebook integrated 30-second previews in the newsfeed of the iOS app. So far always led music links to external sites, the portal now music fans want to keep to himself.

Music offensive at Facebook

This week was Facebook announced that the number of daily video views of four billion has doubled even eight billion in April. On the video offensive last year, the social media giant now includes a music-offensive. With "Music Stories", the company introduces a new format for the integration of audio.

Facebook integrates 30-second preview clips from SpotifyiTunes and Apple Music in the newsfeed. To play the posts, users no registration need of the service. The clips can be shared with one click leads the portal to purchase the song on  iTunes or can save it in the external streaming library.

Sales channel for streaming provider

To date, Facebook was limited to music on a close cooperation with Spotify in 2011. However, the Spotify-links always led to an external app of streaming services. Now the company wants that users no longer have to leave the site to discover new songs. For now, however, are only found in the iOS app, the "Music Stories".

To play the tracks, the social network has built its own audio player, which does not start automatically, unlike the video player. Coming soon Facebook will win more music providers for "Music Stories". For the partners, the new feature is an opportunity to generate more sales and subscribers.