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Minecraft: Uppity copy the iTunes Charts


Do you already know Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2? No? Do not worry, a bolder Fake makes his rounds through the iTunes charts and is bought by many ignorant.

While making the Google Play store heaps of fake apps from a variety of games, the round, the Apple Store is your own rather tidy and not so easily grope into a trap. However, a very curious app in the iTunes charts is now surfaced, which angered the buyer clear.

It is the Minecraft: Pocket Edition 2 which has landed even on the 4th place of paid apps and hundreds of buyers found who thought they would buy Minecraft. 2 In the description of the app is written exactly and Mojang is mentioned as the developer of the app.

In truth, it is a very bad Fake App Minecraft, which has nothing to do with the actual game. Bitter for all buyers who have paid more than $10 for it.