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James Bond, Minions and more: iTunes reduced film collections


After Star Wars and the James Bond films Collection at iTunes now is greatly reduced.

At Christmas there is usually too little quieter and the extra time can be used well with the look of good films. For iTunes movie collections are available for a special price.

If the Star Wars collection does not meet your taste, so there is plenty of choice for a small price. We have the deal Overview:

Save even more when you purchase the collection

The James Bond Collection consists of 23 films that can purchase your for a total of €84.99 in HD. Would you buy all the strips individually, you would cost €255.99. Here every ten collections that pay for a package price:

  • The James Bond Collection
  • Minions Collection
  • The Godfather Complete Collection
  • Harry Potter Complete Collection
  • Pirates of the Caribbean - The Pirate Quadrilogy
  • Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures
  • Back to the Future trilogy
  • Clint Eastwood 8 Movie Director's Collection
  • Stanley Kubrick 7 Film Collection
  • Rocky Heavyweight Collection