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iTunes update: bug fixes and more security


Apple operates at its media library again Product Care: The iTunes 12.3.1 update brings bug fixes and stuff gaps.

Apple has its iTunes multimedia center missed almost a month after the release of the latest version 12.3, with support for iOS was filed 9, a bugfix update.

Update 12.3.1 is according to information provided by the iPhone maker improve "the overall stability and performance" - probably related to the streaming service Apple Music, where it can still hook at some points. Further details about what Apple patches in detail are, but have not yet transpired.

In the Windows version of iTunes 12.3.1, a bunch of vulnerabilities will be fixed. Apple lists a dozen CVE IDs that are available for individual errors. So there were several memory problems in the WebKit browser engine that goes into iTunes. About this, it should have been possible to execute malicious code and bring iTunes to crash. In addition, there was an error in CoreText who allowed himself to be manipulated text files also exploit it.

iTunes 12.3.1 is available for free on Apple's Web site to download, alternatively, it is also available via Software Update. It runs OS X 10.8.5 or Windows 7 or later. The download is 112-242 MB. Along with iTunes 12.3.1 Apple has also updated its Terms of Use, where now the Apple TV operating system TVOS finds mention.