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iTunes Radio only for money


Apple adjusts its ad-supported streaming transmitter end of the month. If you still want to hear, to be Apple Music subscriber.

Fans of Apple's streaming service iTunes Radio, in which can be automated music channel for his own song tastes assembly, have to be strong now: Already 29 January is the service which can be used mobile on iOS devices and on Mac and PC via iTunes, in its current form is no longer available.

Beats 1 remains free

Will disappear iTunes Radio but not: The service is to be continued as Apple Music Radio. The most important difference: While iTunes Radio could be used for free and ad-supported, is Apple Music Radio only paying subscribers of Apple Music available. Costs are here at 10 Euros per month for a single user, family packages for up to six members are to be had for 15 euros a month.

Furthermore, free listenable remains Apple's worldwide Internet TV channels receivable Beats 1. However, if you want to hear recordings of existing broadcasts here an Apple Music SUBSCRIPTION must have completed.

More with Apple Music - against money

In an email to iTunes radio users, Apple announced the end of the ad-supported service to and refers as a backup to Beats 1. In addition offer an Apple Music SUBSCRIPTION additional channels for existing  iTunes radio users, including their own chart channels, pop hit transmitter and adapted to genre offers, which were selected by Apple Music-Team "by hand". The offers are ad-free.

It is unclear why  iTunes Radio is set just now. It could possibly have to do with the changes in the advertising service iAd - Apple took advantage of the latter that is also to commercialize the advertising spaces in the streaming service.