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iTunes Connect: Apple Developer warns against erroneous data


Sales and trend report a given period in late October may contain incorrect values. Apple recommends developers to download them again.

In an email to its developers Apple has noted that its sales and trend reports for app sales may be defective within the administrative tool iTunes Connect. Affected are daily and weekly reports from the period of 26 October to 2 November. In addition, also the monthly "Sales and Trends" included - Report for October 2015 incorrect data.

The manufacturer recommends that you download the reports for the affected period again. This is possible through the menu item sales and trends, and they can be recreated on the Autoingestion- or reporter tools. It is currently unclear how much differ the values if necessary and how many developers are concerned. The data should, therefore, be sure to download them again and compared with previously generated reports.

About iTunes Connect Developer make their apps for iOS, OS X, and watchOS TVOS in the respective App Stores and receive detailed statistics on their business success. It is thus important that the values are correct is.