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Greater loss in Apple Music and iTunes Store


Users report both the music streaming service as well as Apple's music store of various problems, including registration errors and crashes the Music app on iPhone and iPad.

Loss in Apple Music and iTunes Store: Since the early Thursday afternoon, both the music streaming service and music store various problems such as users report. The integrated into iOS music app shows thereby partially suddenly the login dialog for paid members, the re-Log then fails.

In other cases, it crashes the app when accessing radio stations such as Beats 1. Accessing server-stored music is not possible sometimes.

The iTunes Store is not impossible to achieve, in some cases, purchases may fail. According to Apple, there was a failure to 15:30 clock "all-Store Services" who had "some users" affected, details calls not the company. According to the System Status page, the problem should be fixed now again. Report user but still have difficulty accessing the iTunes Store and the anküpfenden because services such as "iTunes in the Cloud".