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Graphics for playlists in iTunes 12


Since iTunes 12 playlists are no longer austere. As the picture in the header looks, but you can influence.

Since iTunes 12 the Jukeboxprogramm of OS X for playlists displays a header graphic. This generated from the artwork of the songs in the playlist, tiles the square graphic artwork of the first four songs respectively albums that appear in the playlist together. More Artwork ignored the mechanism. Saying: Two times two cover still looks appealing, with three square one would recognize no longer much.

If one particular value not only to the musical content and sequence of the title but also the appearance, has limited influence on the design of the header graphic. When you create the playlist is added its first four titles with the most appealing albums covers added, then the rest. A subsequent reporting of the title does not change the graph.

First look at iTunes 12

Change can be the graphics nevertheless - and on typical Apple way relatively straightforward. For this purpose, simply drag an image from the Finder to the graph on the left top of the header. The picture can be a slider bigger still and move the position of the mouse.