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Can the new Apple TV really revolutionize television?


After three years, finally an update - and what for one thing: Apple has announced a new version of its Apple TV streaming box - nothing less than a revolution of television and wants to.

But how new are the functions of the little black box? Much is reminiscent of competitive products from Amazon.

The dream of every streaming fans - maybe someday...

Who uses several streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Instant Video, knows this: One wants to watch a movie or a series and must first search through all portals, until you find what you want to look.

The Apple wants to resolve with his new box: In the future there should be enough, "Show me the latest episode Modern Family" to speak in the remote and Apple TV shows automatically on which portals the series is available.

Actually a dream - at least in theory! In practice the system to start not support all platforms. In the US, HBO, Hulu and Showtime in addition to iTunes (of course) and Netflix doing - not Amazon is also still unclear.

One thing is certain: The Portal overarching Search is a great idea - but only if all portals (or at least all the big players) are.

New remote control with touch function and Siri support

The new Apple TV is controlled with a revised control: Thanks to integrated Siri can retrieve its contents by voice (owners of the Amazon FireTV comes the familiar ...). Further, a glass surface having touch function is installed at the top.

One should in future easily rewind, fast forward, jump between apps and can navigate using the touch screen. Practical: The remote has a Lightning connector and can be charged with an iPhone charger again.

Streaming Box and games console

The new remote control also acceleration sensors are installed that make it possible to play video games on the Apple TV. The idea to make a streaming box for console games, they had at Amazon even more - FireTV has these functions.

Nevertheless, of course, is the Apple system with the new TVOS expect a variety of games - which should then work all on your iPhone or iPad!

The new Apple TV will be available from late October and depending on the size of the hard drive with prices ranging from $149 - $199.