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​Apple will start Lucky Bag shopping program in Japan on 02/01/2015


Apple has confirmed "Lucky Bag" procurement program will continue to be implemented in 2015, and will start at the Apple Store in Japan on 02/01/2015. If you do not already know, the Lucky Bag means you are buying one bag of mystery, its contents do not know what will be, but it certainly is the total price of your purchase will be a lot more expensive than cost you money to buy it.

Last year, a Lucky Bag was sold for $340, insde this bag have a Incase backpack($99), a Mophie Juice Pack battery, Headset, accessories and Macbook Air 11 inch or iPad Air, the total value of the package lucky is more than $ 1,000. If you are unlucky, your package will also have value commensurate with the amount of $ 340 spent.

After Japan, the program will spread to the Apple Store in other countries around the world. Known Lucky Bag purchase price this year is about $ 340 and the total value is equal to last year.

Conditions of Participation Lucky Bag:

  • Just be purchase at the Apple Retail Store products
  • Price of Lucky Bag is constant, customers are not paying the price
  • Each person may only purchase one bag 1 Lucky Day
  • Except when there is a defect in the hardware or accessory prodicts in the bag and returned within 14 days, the Bag contents are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable.
  • Goods purchased for use, prohibit resale
  • The program will not be implemented in the country ban promotional activities
  • If you have iTunes Gift Card, it's only been in the iTunes account of the country to sell Lucky Bag (eg buy Japanese iTunes account must be loaded into Japan, purchased in the US are loaded in the US)

You can buy a iTunes gift card from us to join this program. Thank for reading!